Unintentional rest and lack of preparations a few days before Stockholm Marathon

The title of this post says it all about how I feel now a couple of days before Stockholm Marathon. I go into the last preparations for my second marathon race ever. My training for this race has been really good all year, but one week ago I got a cold with fever and a very sore throught. I I havn’t been running since then and I feel really week in my body. I try now to rest as much as I can and hopefully I wake up on Saturday with a great and strong feeling.

I have never before gotten so much support from others that I have this week because of my status before this race. I really do wanna thank you for that! Appreciate every kind word from my followers in social media. If you are a runner or if you do some other sports you know how important your goals are. This was gonna be my biggest running experience this year so the thought of me not make it to the start- and finish line feels really hard.

I have been visualising myself running at the streets of Stockholm with all others participants and all the people cheering at us. I have been visualising myself when I pass the finish line in Stockholm Stadium. I don’t wanna miss out of this!

Now I’m gonna try to think positive about Saturday and prepare myself with great food, a lot of water and hopefully I’ll see you at the starting line in just a couple of days!