The race with many feelings involved

It’s with a certain dissapointment I write this blog post because I thought that it was gonna be about my new personal record at the half marathon distance. But it became something else..

I woke up three hours before the alarm went off on my phone. The time was then six in the morning and the race was gonna start at nine. When I run, if it’s only a training session or if it’s a race, I need to eat at least three hours before. As usual before a race I ate porrage and a banana. I also drank a glas of water with Resorb (salt and minerals). That’s something I could recommend you doing before races because it keeps your fluid- and salt level in a great balance. After breakfast I started to fix with my race outfit and at this time I was starting to get a little bit nervous.

One hour before race time me and my family took the bikes to the starting area. When we arrived it was only 30 minutes left so I started warming up. I felt really smooth and strong during the warm up so I felt like this could be a great race.

The start went off and all the runners where energized from all the applause and cheering at the starting area. It felt really easy and my pace was 4.25 min/km. Exactly where I wanted to be. I really thought that I was going home with a PB today.

After more or less 12k something happened with me mentally. The race profile changed and became kind of hilly in the central of Palma. It probably felt more hilly than it was. I didn’t thought that it would have such a big effect on me, but it did. I lost my mental strenght and had to fight really hard and, even though I did, I never got it back. It felt like forever to reach the finish line so when I did it was such a relief! The time stopped at 1h 37 min and 53 sec.

I’m actually kind of happy with the finish time, but not with the fact that I didn’t managed to get back to my mental strenght. Now I feel a little bit dissapointed about that but at the same time I’ve got another half marathon race on my resume.