Smashed dreams

11 days before Stockholm Marathon I became sick with fever, a really sore throught and a cold. I still believed that I was going to be well before the race day since it was almost two weeks left. I waited for that morning when I was going to feel totally well again, but that morning never came.

I have been sad, frustrated, angry.. I have gone through all these negative emotions to finally just take it for what it is. Even though I didn’t feel totally well at race day I was so mentally prepared to run that I chosed to start anyway, but I promised myself to stop if I didn’t feel well during the race.

The start went off and I felt, already after a few kilometers, that I wasn’t totally fine. I had to breath kind of hard with a pretty low pace. Already at that point I took a descision not to finish the race and decided to run one lap just so I was close enough to walk back to the area where I had left my bag before the race. I got my bag and then I walked to the stadium to watch everybode else passing the finish line. I actually enjoyed being a part of it even though I was dissapointed.

I’m now thinking back at the race and feel like I really wanna participate once again next year. I want to be one of those people passing the finish line, with a smile on my face, at Stockhom Stadium.

Stockholm Marathon 2018- Here I come!