Women’s Health Half Marathon 2017

I heard about this race not long ago at all and felt that I had to run it partly because it’s a race that benefit Women’s health and the traditional medal was replaced with a beautiful bracelet. Also I heard that it’s supposed to be a beautiful track.

The weather forecast showed 7 celsius degrees and strong winds.. not the perfect running conditions but I didn’t focus too much on that. One hour before the start it actually started to hail.. how crazy is that in April?!

Before the start a group of training instructors were jumping and playing music and tried to get us all warmed up for the race. I now felt really motivated and just wanted to start running. The goal was to enjoy the race and also to do a PB. The thing is that I had never before succeded on the half marathon distance so I knew that I had a big chance doing so. What I then realised was that I had forgotten my GPS watch at home.. I thought that I was going to be stressed out about this, but I kept myself calm and now I needed to trust myself and my body all the way to the finish line.

The start went off and I immediately felt that I was in a very good shape and that this was the day I had been waiting for to happen in a half marathon race. I followed the pace sign that showed 1.39 (as an expected finish time). The thing is that I had never before been under 1.40 at this distance. After a few kilometres I felt that this pace was too slow for me today so I stepped the pace up a bit and just kept ”flowing”. It felt really easy and I was happy! After a few more kilometres I saw my friend Sanna who I knew was aiming for 1.35. I chosed to run with her and I think she was glad I did. We gave each other positive energy to continue.

When we reach the 1.6k sign I felt too strong to stay in our pace so I left her and stepped up my pace once more. I now understood that I was going to do a PB far under my previous one. From here I could do nothing else then enjoy, smile and say hi to the audience. I was in a flow, I was happy, I was high on endorphins. When I passed the finish line I had such a rush inside, I really experienced Runners high! This feeling was amazing!

My finish time was 1.36.35. I left the finish area with a glas of boubles, a beautiful bracelet and a huge smile on my face.

A big thanks to all the organizers! See you again next year! J.